10 Little Reasons To Smile

We all need a little reason to smile now and then. A little ray of sunshine, a tiny giggle, a bubble of brightness to warm us on the inside.

Here are 10 Little Reasons to Smile:

1. This big puppy blowing little bubbles in her beverage is reason enough to smile.

2. This Scooby-Doo sketch from the funny people at Cracked makes us smile and giggle.

3. This little raccoon who gathers no moss will brighten your day.

4. This amazing young tap dancer from Switzerland gives us a reason to smile, and a desire to dance.

5. This oldie-but-a-goody had people smiling decade ago, you may have forgotten about so here it is again.

6.  These funny vs. epic wins will make you smile for many reasons.

7. Steve’n’Seagulls performing an acoustic version of Thunderstruck outside by the bar. Try not to smile.

8. This pizza commercial that escalates quickly is reason enough to smile.

9.Harrison Ford kicking David Blaine out of his house via the F-bomb makes us smile every time.

10. Internetainers Rhett & Link eat little spicy things and immediately regret it. You’ll be smiling even if they aren’t.

All these great videos are brought to you by YouTube!

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Do you have a favourite video that makes you smile? Leave a link to it in the comments below!



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