10 Perfect Road Foods

Whether you’re traveling the world or going on a weekend road trip, these road foods are some of the best ways to stay fed and avoid the hangry.

1. Beer


Also known as liquid bread. Beer is – in some places – as cheap as or even cheaper than actual water. We know it’s downright refreshing when you’re a little road weary, but beer also contains several B vitamins which can help with jet lag, and dark beer even contains fibre, which can help with traveler’s belly. Beer should, of course, be consumed in moderation.

2. Tea


Depending on where you are, the local style of serving tea will vary greatly. In the Middle East you can expect sweet black or mint teas, in Europe you will find milky blends, in South Asia the tea becomes spiced and rich, in North America cold sweet tea is a favourite, and in East Asia you will find a garden of herbs and blends in tea traditions that go back centuries. Fresh, hot tea can be found everywhere in the world, and it can be a very social event. Make a new friend over a cup of local tea!

3.  Instant Coffee


If you are a coffee drinker, bring some instant coffee of your own. In many places, hot water can be accessed on trains, in hotels, and even in restaurants. If you fancy a pick-me-up, grab some single-serve instant coffee packets before you leave home.

4. Muesli


Muesli is easy to find on menus at hostels, cafes, and restaurants almost anywhere that has a tourist population. It’s high in fibre, iron, and depending on the fruit and nuts mixed in to it, any number of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Try pouring apple juice over your museli instead of milk – yum!

5. Fruit

Fruit Market

Fruit is another easy find in most places around the world. Besides being a great roadside snack, picking out some fresh, healthy, peel-your-own fruit is a very safe way to snack if you aren’t used to the food and water in your new location yet.

6. Greens


Don’t avoid them, even if they aren’t your style. All over the world, on every single continent, people have found local greens and turned them in to delicious and healthy dishes that will keep you feeling great while you’re traveling. Leafy, dark green, iron and riboflavin-laden veggies are often cooked with chilis, garlic, oils, citrus, seafood, spices, and about a thousand other delicious flavours and combinations that will make you a fan of greens in no time. They will make you feel like Popeye, and you will be enjoying something the locals likely eat all the time. Travel food win!

7. Fish


Check out local seafood, if you’re in a coastal area or somewhere with a great local catch. We know fish is a low-fat, high protein, essential Omega 3 “brain food”, and so enjoying fish while on the road can keep you feeling light and alert. Look for fresh fish being sold by boats & vendors along the water – the fresher the better!

8. Eggs

Ramen Egg

Hard boiled eggs and omelettes are a staple of any hostel breakfast, and you will find them almost anywhere you stay. They are a good source of protein, can be packed away in a picnic, and they are available worldwide. You can also find egg curries, ramen, egg desserts, and egg served as part of many dishes around the world.

9. Street Food

Noodles Boat

Get whatever the locals are getting. Follow the lineups, look for the carts, the trucks, the boats with the sweet-smelling smoke curling up above the little cooking area where some of the most delicious dishes you’ll ever try are crafted. Follow your nose. Food trucks and street vendors are a reason to travel in and of themselves!

10. Yogurt


Finally, the widely-recognized soother of ills and re-builder of intestinal flora, yogurt. It can be a gourmet experience or a simple condiment or beverage to accompany the often adventurous and exciting foods we consume as lovers of new culinary experiences – or experiencers of bad culinary decisions.

What is your favourite road food?



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