10 Ways to Time Travel

No flux capacitor needed – you can go back in time right now if you want to!

1.   MusicGirl Guitar

How far do you want to go back?  It’s your choice. Just select the music and close your eyes.   Better yet, dance. If it’s a slow one, wrap your arms around your sweetheart, real or imagined, and sway.

2. Aroma TherapyGirl Hold Orange

With just a whiff, scent can trigger memories of a person, a place or a time.  Grandma’s perfume, Dad’s deodorant, mandarin oranges at Christmas, fresh cut grass, a salty seaside breeze.  Cut into a cucumber and remember summers past.

3. Revisit Old Neighbourhoods Neighbourhood Residential Green House

Take a photograph or two along with you to show the current residents what it was like ‘back then’. It might even garner an invitation to revisit your old home.  (Warning: they always look half the size they did when you were little.) With towns and cities constantly changing the ‘old neighbourhood’ as you knew it may be gone, but is the school?  Call ahead and let staff know you are coming; taking old photos is always a plus – the school may have changed less than you have.

4. Find Old PhotographsPhotographs Picturs Album

Dig out the family album or wander through boxes of old photographs.  Don’t know who that is on the far left?  Don’t leave future generations guessing, write down names you do know on the back using pencil (left to right plus underlined blanks for those you don’t know), even if you can only identify one or two.  Write down the ‘who’, ‘when’ and ‘where’ so your children and their children’s children will know which one is you.

5. Reminisce With Family & FriendsPeople Friends Beach

Stories of your past usually begin with, “Do you remember when …” and continue with smiles, laughter and perhaps a few tears.  Sharing a trip down memory lane with others always makes it more enjoyable.

6. Turn Pages to Turn Back Time

Book Ribbon Glasses

Open the pages of a book and revisit a time of your choice.  Perhaps a book written in the era of your childhood or teens; maybe a book you once read which had an impact on your way of thinking; or pick a book set in a time you would like to have lived in, if even for two hundred and fifty-five pages.

7. Write Your Memories in LettersLetter Paper Pen

Yes you can.   Write letters to a great-great-grandchild and tell them about your yesterdays.  ‘Talk’ with them through the written, typed or recorded word.  Doing so, will bring back memories, otherwise lost.  Memories lead to other memories and putting them down on paper (or other medium) is a form of immortality.  Go for it!

8. Watch A MovieTheatre Movie It's a Wonderful Life

Make some popcorn, have a box of tissues close at hand, shut off the phones and select an old movie, perhaps one you haven’t seen for some time.  Make it a night and share with someone else.

9. Go ExploringCuba Red Car

For a more relevant experience, dust off the passport and head to countries with a ‘slower clock’: Cuba, Northern Romania, parts of China and Africa. Or go back even farther to places like Pompeii where, with a little imagination, you can be transported back to 79AD.

10. Be Part of New MemoriesBalloons Parade Family Boy IMG_7553

Now that you are older (not ‘old’ but ‘older’) and appreciate how valuable memories are, help make new ones with your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews … the next generation of ‘rememberers’.  Carry on a family tradition, or perhaps recreate a childhood memory similar to one you cherish or one you wished you had.




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