6 Foods To Keep You Cozy

Hot, hearty, and home made. You can’t get any better than that during the dark days of winter. Here’s what we make at home when we need to stay cozy!

1. Hot Chocolate

Chocolate Hot Cozy

Guaranteed to warm you from the inside. TMS just happens to have the best recipe ever for hot chocolate – have you tried it?

2. Corn Chowder

Corn Chowder

A hearty, wintery dish that you can make with canned corn, root veggies like parsnip or sweet potato, onion, fresh thyme, a little chicken stock, and cream. For something that will really stick to your ribs on a cold night, add some spiced sausage.

3. Potato Scones


Fridge full of leftover mashed potatoes after Christmas? Try this amazingly simple recipe, and enjoy a fluffy scone made with your extra mash. Sweet or savoury, these babies will keep you cozy.

4. Vindaloo

Curry Vindaloo

Traditionally done with lamb or pork marinated with wine or vinegar, garlic, and Kashmiri chilies. Vindaloo is a dish that hails from Goa, but has hometown versions all over India. It is often served with cucumber or raita (yogurt) to cool it’s fiery flavour. We recommend a hearty dish of lamb vindaloo to keep your inner furnace burning!

5. Phở

Pho Vietnam Noodle

Almost every country has their version of a hearty noodle soup that keeps us warm & happy all day long. In Vietnam, you can find pho everywhere, and people eat it at any time of day. It ranges from mild, clear broth with light flavours to a hellfire red coloured chilli bath for the heaps of slick rice noodles, thinly sliced beef, fresh basil, bean sprouts, shredded onion, and fresh lime. Slurp up some seriously steamy satisfaction.

6. Mac and Cheese

Mac and Cheese

Our most favourite mac and cheese is made at home, with aged cheddar, emmental, a little English mustard, some allspice, lots of whole milk (and a little cream) for that silky texture we all love in our cheesy noodles. Bacon and breadcrumbs are optional – we like our macaroni to be absolutely doused in thick, cheesy sauce, whereas others prefer something backed twice for a bit of crunch – who can resist those little crispy bits of cheese that bake to the sides of the pan? Pro tip: leave the ketchup in the fridge – you won’t need to add any extra flavour to this hearty, home made batch of heaven. The mustard and allspice really make it special.

What’s your favourite cozy food?



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