7 Tips to Help You Calm Down

Get your zen on.

1. Find a Quiet Space


Find a place where you can enjoy some quiet time. Keep it clean, functional, and very simple – a place to sit and perhaps a small table or surface where you can put a cup of tea is enough. You don’t need a place for distraction, so leave screens and devices out.

2. Create a Focal Point

Flower Vase

In yoga it’s called a “drishti” – a point on which we can stay focused. It’s a simple meditation tool that can help us unwind and get out of harmful cyclic modes of thinking, like when we are anxious or frustrated. Some use a flower in a vase, or a polished stone – think of it as a simple centrepiece that your eyes can rest on while you relax.

3. Learn to Make Bread

Bread Dough

Besides the fact that knowing how to make bread is a very useful skill, kneading bread dough can be a relaxing, almost trance-inducing experience that will immediately help you calm down. The rhythmic action of rolling the dough with your hands and the breathing pattern you inevitably take on while you knead the required 5-6 minutes can be down right cathartic.

4. Nurture a Plant


Gardeners know what this one is about – if you find yourself perpetually busy and always in motion, take on the routine of watering and caring for a houseplant. The right plants can clean the air in our home and make living spaces feel warmer and more relaxed. In exchange for this, you can care for your new plant friend with regular watering and care – a very grounding and calming practice.

 5. Spend Time in Nature

Nature Walk

Get out of the city – away from relay towers, power lines, wifi, traffic, and exhaust-filled air. Go to a place where the stars aren’t hidden at night by the orange glow of the city. Go to a place where you can smell earth, or hear water. Take your shoes off and walk in the grass. Connect with the living world around you, and see how quickly it grounds your energy and emotion.

6. Spend Time Naked


Yep. Naked. Do you know why skinny dipping is so fun? Because being naked feels good. Find some privacy so you can be comfortable and then get out of your clothes and into your birthday suit. Walk around your house, watch a movie, dance to your favourite songs – but do it naked. Drop your inhibitions and go free and unfettered. It’s a revitalizing experience, to say the least.

7. Do Something By Yourself

Alone Relax

Take a vacation, take a class, take a walk, take yourself out to dinner – do something completely on your own to help you calm down. You can find a lot out about yourself if you’re willing to be alone with your thoughts. You may get to the source of your stress, or you may just enjoy some time to focus on taking care of yourself.

How do you calm down? Tell us in the comments!



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