8 Stages of Eating Healthier

Nothing in this life is easy, especially anything to do with changing our habits. Eating healthier a process, but you’re gonna get through it.

1. Optimism

Choosing to eat healthier is the smartest thing you’ve ever done. This is going to change everything. You are a force. An organized, informed, no-nonsense healthy eater and dammit, you’ve got this. Go get ’em, tiger.

2. Immersion

Cat Funny
So that’s what wheatgrass tastes like. Ok… um… nope, you can still do this. This is going to be fine. You had half a grapefruit and some plain oats for breakfast, so you can definitely last until lunchtime when you get to dig in to your brown rice and kale. Healthy food always tastes bland at first. That’s what everyone says.
… yep. Got this.

3. Denial

Cat Happy
#healthyselfie #cryingontheinside #lookhappy
You take pictures of all your smoothies, teas, and salads, and post links to healthy recipes on your Facebook page. You’ve managed to use Instagram to make that awful wheat germ look sexy, and you’re getting lots of “likes” for your wheatgrass selfies each morning. You remind your friends that you aren’t drinking right now, because even though you want nothing more than a cold beer, you are strong. You’ve almost convinced yourself that this is going well.

4. Deception

When your co-workers see you eating your sprouted oat tofu bowl for the third time that week and you’re like:
Leopard Smile

But as soon as they leave you’re like:

5. Resentment

Cat Mad
When those same co-workers bring back double cheese pizza for lunch and eat it beside you.

6. The Wall

Cat Cute
How does anyone actually do this? You wake up in the morning dreading the fact that the wheatgrass is waiting for you, and it’s NEVER GOING TO TASTE ANY BETTER. You’re pretty sure your body is actually shutting down, not getting healthier. Everything is terrible.

Cat Sleepy

Just… no.

7. Enlightenment

Cat Smile
It’s always darkest before the light. You’ve talked to some foodie friends, done some more research, and discovered that healthy food doesn’t have to be awful, and that eating right doesn’t mean being extreme. You’ve started experimenting with fresh herbs & vinegars for flavour, swapped out your wheatgrass for tasty fruit & veg smoothies, and you think that committing to sprouted oats so early on was a mistake, so you’ve become comfortable friends with quinoa instead. You’ve even discovered that the world doesn’t end when a healthy eater goes out for ice cream now and then. This might not be so bad after all.

8. Balance

Cat Smile
You’re pretty proud of your new skills in the kitchen, and you might have even had a chance to share with friends and inspire them to try making some changes too. You’ve realized that being healthier is about smart choices that are good for your body and your mind, and that being too rigid with your diet just made you miserable. You are looking & feeling great, and you learned something – eating should not only make you healthy, it should make you happy! Everyone has their own balance, and you’re a closer to finding yours than ever. Good job, you!

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