8 Ways to Survive the Apocalypse

With tv shows like The Walking Dead and movies like Mad Max: Fury Road reflecting pop culture’s obsession with the End, we couldn’t help but compile a list of things that could definitely help you survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

1. Get Your First Aid Certificate

First Aid Kit

Not that having a certificate of any kind would matter after society collapses, but taking a standard first aid course is just good thinking, whether we’re talking about now or in our scary future.  You could save lives – including your own. While you’re at it, get yourself a well-stocked first aid kit and keep it handy, just in case.

2.  Learn Some Basic Carpentry


Figure out how to build a sturdy fence to keep the zombies out, at the very least. Knowing how to use tools could be just enough to help you survive – after all, you can’t call someone to fix your roof or reinforce your windows & doors. Gather up a decent set of sturdy, basic tools, and keep them accessible in case you need to pack up your RV and bolt.

3. Basic Outdoor Survival Skills


One thing we’ve learned from a-pop-alypse culture is that you don’t stay in one place for very long if you want to survive. If you can’t build yourself a fire, find emergency shelter, locate water, or stay calm & dry while out in the elements, you won’t last. Get your basics of survival covered – maybe with an SAS Survival Guide? It might also help to stock your travel or emergency kit with iodine water purification tablets, an emergency foil blanket, waterproof matches, and some MRE’s.

4. Learn To Be Sneaky


Another thing we’ve learned from tv & movies dealing with fallout futures – humans are actually the worst. Water can be found, food can be grown, and you can hide from the shambling horde, but humans are lethally smart and not very nice in survival situations. Learn how to camouflage your shelter, move quietly, and even spot the signs of people or animals who have come through your area.

5. Learn to Grow Food


Now is the time to drop by your local community garden and learn a thing or two about growing vegetables – it will definitely help you survive the coming food shortages. You might also want to check out aquaponics – it’s a water-saving combination of aquaculture (raising fish to eat) and hydroponics (raising plants in water), and simple systems are easy to maintain without electricity.

6. Hunting & Foraging


Beyond basic outdoor survival, hunting and foraging will keep you fed while you’re waiting for your plants to grow. Learning how to set basic traps, fish with home-made equipment, and identify edible plants and mushrooms will come in very handy when the rest of the world is fighting over the last can of spam.

7. Learn to Sew

Sewing Mess

Not with a machine – just a simple needle & thread. Keeping yourself clothed with sturdy, useful items will become a basic need rather than a fashion choice. You will need to learn to sew buttons back on, stitch ripped fabric back together, make pockets, or even make basic bags for gathering supplies.

8. Preserving Food

Smoked Preserved Fish

Canning is done with boiling water, drying fish or meat is done with smoke, sun, and air. Preserving food for consumption during winter months when you can’t grow, hunt, or forage is going to save you a lot of heartache – and stomach ache. Learn how to properly and safely preserve food from someone who does it regularly – you don’t want to mess with food-borne bacteria when there are no doctors or medicine around.

What skills are essential for post-apocalyptic survival? Tell us in the comments!



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