A Minute in the Okavango Delta

Normally we think of a river delta as flowing into a sea; not so with the Okavango Delta in Botswana. It flows into Africa’s Kalahari Desert where the water is ultimately evaporated. As the delta waters begin to swell in March (peaks between June and August) it attracts animals from kilometres around creating one of Africa’s greatest concentrations of wildlife. Guiding expeditions can fly or boat guests into a multitude of islands within the delta. For a more authentic experience, boat in with a Hambukushu guide poling a makoro (dug out canoe) through the reeds and lily pads, sleep in tents and safari on foot. Any way you discover the Okavango Delta will be memorable; and perhaps the highlight of your Southern Africa experience.

Have you experienced the Okavango Delta? Do you have a favourite memory of Africa? We encourage you to share it  in comments below.





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