A Moment in Puno, Peru

What will draw you to Puno, Peru?

Lake Titicaca and the floating islands of the Uros?  Traditional wool crafts and customs which have earned Puno the title of Peru’s folkloric capital?  Perhaps the rich Spanish history and colonial churches?   Or is access to Bolivia and its capitol, La Paz?

Whatever the reason, Puno’s populace is full of people who face life’s challenges with a humble and quiet reserve yet find joy in living and welcoming visitors. The simple, lakeside town, is a worthwhile visit in itself jus to enjoy the winding streets and sidewalk markets. Take a jacket, Puno’s high elevation means that it never gets too warm, and the region is subject to more extreme whether not normally associated with its tropical latitude.

Whether you’ve had a chance to visit Puno, Peru or it remains an undiscovered location, you can enjoy a moment in Puno, Peru with this video from TravelTales.ca



Puno, sits on the shores of Lake Titicaca, the largest lake in South America and highest navigable lake in the world. Its high elevation an have an affect on tourist and travellers but upon acclimating to the altitude, travellers will find themselves in a South American gem. The floating, manmade islands of Lake Titicaca are a unique world treasure and open to travellers who make the journey out into the reed filled lake.

Puno Peru is worth a moment in

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