A Moment in Agra; the Alleys and Streets of India

The chaotic streets of India are filled with the bustling of rickshaws, the beeping of horns, and crowds of people going about their daily lives. Agra, a city in the north-east of India is mostly know for its architectural wonders, but even this city, removed from the capitol, Delhi, is home to hoards of traffic alongs its narrow, twisting streets. Just witnessing this spectacle is worth going to India for.

During our latest visit, we collected volumes of pictures and recordings traffic congestion, so much so that this video only highlights the spectacle of the streets of India in Agra. Its just another moment brought to you by TMS and Travel Tales. We hope you enjoy.

Alleys and Streets of India (Agra Edition)

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Most who flock to Agra do not come for the traffic, rather it is the majestic beauty of the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort which draws them. Both lay along the winding river that flows through the city, and both are well worth visiting.

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal, seen from the Streets of India
The Taj Mahal can be viewed from the curbs side but its real beauty is not just in its iconic dome, it is amongst the gardens, greenery, and reflecting pools the shape the grounds. You could easily spend a half day settled in the shade, enjoying the presence of both the building and the crowds that spill in. It is a great place to rest, and let the heat of the day pass, before heading back out into the streets of India. It can also be viewed from the Agra Fort, or from across the river (as shown above), for those who would prefer to absorb it from a distance.

Agra Fort

agra fort away from the streets of India
Agra Fort is more of a small city then a simple fort. Throughout Agra’s history, the Fort has been the seat of power for the surrounding lands, the source of security, and the focus of rivals. The history of Agra Fort is one of almost constant siege, sacking, rescuing, and reclaiming and it has housed a many armies, including the British during their occupation of the colony.
Now the Fort is open to the public and is well worth a visit. Unlike the streets of India beyond the walls, the Fort is surprisingly quite. Removed from the bustling traffic that sits right on its door steps.

You can view videos of both the Agra Fort and the Taj Mahal on our site, or visit our YouTube channel for this and more.



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