Happy Ancestors’ Day! Celebrate with Haiti

Today is January 2nd, 2017. On any given day of the year, someone in this big world of ours is happy to be celebrating something. It stands to reason that every day can be a celebration – if you know where the party is. TMS would like to wish you a very honourable Ancestors’ Day!

Happy Ancestors’ Day!

ancestors' day

Happy Ancestors’ Day!

Sometimes referred to as Heroes’ Day, the people of Haiti mark the first two days of a new calendar year by honouring and celebrating their past, present, and future.

Beginning with Independence Day (January 1st) and running through Ancestors’ Day (January 2nd) the people of Haiti  mark today with commemorations and celebrations which look to honour their cultural heritage and the struggles they have overcome in their past to build a better Haiti for the good of the Haitian people everywhere.

While many of us have set our New Years’ Resolution and look into the future, we should take some time to look into the past and remember our own ancestors whose own struggles and successes have helped bring about the opportunities we enjoy today and in that reflection we should consider not just how our own success benefit us directly, but how they will benefit future generations as well. It is through this chain of past, present, and future that the best of humanity is revealed and a more prosperous future is achieved for all.

So join TenMoreSteps and the Haitian people world-wide by celebrating Ancestors’ Day raising a glass in honour of our past and as a toast to the future.

Happy Ancestors’ Day!

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Today’s Fauxdiac (FOH-dee-ac): Your fake horoscope.

Fauxdiac rhymes with ‘Zodiac’. It is a facetious fortune, a dubious divination, an improbable prophecy. It makes as much or as little sense as you need it to, as any good horoscope does.

Here’s what the universe wants you to know today:

Today’s Fauxdiac – January 2nd, 2017

ancestors' records

Zodiac Sign:


Lucky Number:

2 – 4 – 8 – 16 – 32

Lucky Animal:

Southdown Sheep

Lucky Colour:

Black and White

Lucky Song:

“My Generation” – The Who

Lucky Food:

Grape on the Vine

Daily Wisdom:

The children who dream today will grown into the men and women of vision tomorrow.

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