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Today is January 9th, 2017. On any given day of the year, someone in this big world of ours is happy to be celebrating something. It stands to reason that every day can be a celebration – if you know where the party is. Today TMS celebrates the Coming of Age!

Coming of Age Day!

coming of age in japan


In Japan, the Coming of Age Day is meant to celebrate those who have turned twenty years old in the previous year. This is considered to be the age of majority, and age when a person graduates from childhood and becomes an adult with all the privileges and responsibilities that entails.

The coming of age has been celebrated in Japan for more than a millennia and on this day many prefectures will hold local celebrations followed with individual gatherings of friends and family who will celebrate the adulthood of there peers who have reached their second decade.

While other parts of the world expand the rights of adulthood at an earlier, or perhaps later days, TenMoreSteps would like to celebrate this day by honouring the young men and women who’s futures are just beginning to unfold. Each generation inherits the world from the previous, and each generation is tasked with making a better future for those that follow. Often in our western civilization we demonize the younger generation as being to brash or entitled. Instead TMS would like to encourage all to celebrate the next generations coming of age and the responsibilities they inherit. We were once young too and perhaps the greatest honour of all is to be recognized for having transitioned from child to adult.

Happy Coming of Age Day!

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Happy Peace Agreement Day (South Sudan)!
It’s Martyrs’ Day (Panama)!
It’s History Buffs Day (TMS)!

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Today’s Fauxdiac (FOH-dee-ac): Your fake horoscope.

Fauxdiac rhymes with ‘Zodiac’. It is a facetious fortune, a dubious divination, an improbable prophecy. It makes as much or as little sense as you need it to, as any good horoscope does.

Here’s what the universe wants you to know today:

Today’s Fauxdiac – January 8th, 2017


night owls

Zodiac Sign:


Lucky Number:


Lucky Animal:

Lion and Lioness

Lucky Colour:

Vibrant Orange

Lucky Song:

“Red Light, Blue Light” – Harry Connick Jr.

Lucky Food:

Wine and Cheese

Daily Wisdom:

The Art of being an adult is to generate self-confidence without arrogance.

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