10 Reasons Daily Exercise Should Be A Priority

It doesn’t have to be a full on workout session or daily sweaty trips to the gym, still there are many reasons daily exercise should be a priority no matter how old you are.

There are plenty of ways to get your daily exercise. Daily Yoga exercises, jogging, sit-ups, push-ups, or using the stairs coming in and out of your seventh floor apartment are all great ways to stay healthy and active plus they require only a little time to accomplish and the benefits are magnificent. Staying healthy should be a priority for us all, so here are…

10 Reasons Daily Exercise Should Be a Priority.


daily exercise helps remove stress

1. Ease Your Stress Level

The link between reduced stress level and increased physical activity is well known and well publicized, yet we would be remiss if we didn’t start this list off by mentioning it. Reduced stress is not only good for your physical wellbeing its also good for your emotional and social wellness. We’ve all been around high stress people and know how unenjoyable that can be at times – daily stress reducing exercise can help you avoid being ‘that guy’ which will help you enhance the relationships you have with the people around you. Plus, if you’re relaxed from all your exercise you’ll help those who come in contact with you reduce their own stress level in turn, and maybe they will take a cue from you as to why daily exercise should be a priority for them as well.

jogging as a daily cardio exercise

2. Improve Your Cardio

The importance of cardio exercise can not be overlooked. For most of us, this is often the most dreaded aspect of physical fitness. Many of us spend a lot of time sitting or staying relatively sedentary, and this not only damages our posture but also does little to stimulate our heart. Considering the importance of your pulmonary and cardiovascular system and their effect on or overall health, it would be wise to make daily exercise a priority just to keep your heart active and healthy. Consulting heart-rate diagrams and keeping track of your BPM while exercising can help you increase the strength of your heart efficiently and safely. It might seem like a tough task but often those things we try to avoid are the things we should most likely be confronting. Make your cardiovascular health a priority and you’ll stay active as you age, giving you a chance to fulfill goals that might be lost due to poor health and fitness.


daily yoga to increase mobility

3. Extended Mobility

While we are still on the topic of avoiding sedentary living, exercising daily will help you increase your overall mobility. Mobility is a precious commodity in our lives, and as we age it becomes harder and harder to maintain. By making daily exercise a priority you can both enhance and extend your mobility. We work very hard for most of our lives, and our goals extend beyond our retirement. Many of those goals involve travel, sports, or other recreational activities. For those goals to be achievable, like most things in life, we are going to need our mobility. By making an effort today – and every day – you can be relatively assured that your mobility will be there when you need it. Think of your daily exercise as savings plan for your healthy body. By investing in yourself now, the dividends will payout in the years to come. No one gets fit and healthy overnight; daily exercise is the key to progressively better health and mobility. So what are you waiting for? Daily exercise should be a priority.

energize the body with daily exercise

4. Less Pain, Less Chronic Fatigue

Much of our joint pain comes from inactivity. When we don’t use something it degrades, when we do it generally gets stronger – “Use it or lose it”. Chronic fatigue is an issue for many adults, but it doesn’t have to be. While some people do suffer from various medical issues which cause chronic fatigue and joint pain, many more only experience this discomfort due to the laws of inertia. Objects in rest generally stay at rest. Objects in motion generally stay in motion. So if you haven’t made daily exercise a priority and instead replaced it with inactivity, the body (and mind) will likely conform to this low-energy living which often translates into the feeling of chronic fatigue, and even depression. Daily activity will keep the body and mind active giving little chance of chronic fatigue to set in. So get active and stay active! It will become easier and easier with time, and despite all your hard work you’ll find that you have more energy than less. Isn’t the human body amazing?

balance daily exercise as a priority

5. Stability and Focus (Physical and Mental)

We’ve already talked about mobility, so now lets talk about stability and focus – mental and physical. Daily exercise helps the body become stronger and more capable. Its effects on muscles and joints can mean an increased stability in our physical being, resulting in a more aligned posture, greater comfort in our own body, and the effects can even extend into our mental health. Regular exercise can help us stay focused and alert. Many, for instance, are aware of the principles of Yoga, a set of traditional exercise and meditation techniques designed to maximize focus and stability of the body not just for physical balance, but mental clarity as well. Much like our previous point about inertia, staying focused and stable will help us in our daily lives, not just during our daily exercise times. Staying on point at work, or focused on our chores at home, will help us complete these tasks more quickly and with less errors. Becoming sharper and more alert is yet another stress reducer, and reason daily excersise should be a priority.

strong bones when daily exercise is a priority

6. Bone Maintenance

When most of us think of exercise, we think of building strong and flexible muscles, or working on cardio and core strength. Exercise can also help us increase our bone strength (or density in this case) as well. As we grow older our bones become more brittle, but we can stave off some of that deterioration by doing daily exercises that involve bearing the right amount of weight on our limbs. Squats, Downward Facing Dog, Planks, and Push-ups can all help to build stronger bones which will mean less likelihood of breaks or fractures. We’ll still need to confront the effects of aging, there is no escaping that, but if we make daily exercise a priority than we will be in the best possible shape we can be in as we roll through the years. Like the old saying goes, ‘the best time to plant a tree is yesterday, the next best time is today’. Don’t put of exercising. You should make it a priority, even a little each day, so you can enjoy all the days that follow.

prioritize daily exercise to age well

7. Better Aging

We’ve already mentioned this a few times in our list but now we should focus on not just the fact that we are aging, but how we feel inside and out as we march steadily into the future together. Much of the physical and mental effects of aging are a result of the deterioration of cells. This deterioration is natural but can be sped up through lack of exercise and poor diet. While we can’t (nor should we truly want to) stop this aging process, we can certainly slow it down by avoiding unhealthy living. That’s not to say that every moment you are sitting back with your feet up is a sprint towards the grave and that constant exercise is the key to staying young – rest and relaxation are most definitely part of a healthy life. Just as the body needs exercise it also needs rest. Striking a balance is the key here. So just like we take a moment each day to find some time to relax we should also be taking a moment to make daily exercise a priority.

build strength through daily exercise

8. Muscular Strength

While we have mentioned it a few times throughout our list, we haven’t given muscular strength its own point on our list. Daily exercise will help you build strong muscles, making our more physical tasks easier to accomplish. Additionally, as you gain strength and endurance the daily exercise should become a little easier, and even more satisfying. Over time, the struggle to do push-ups and sit-ups will wane, you’ll find these exercises more enjoyable and easier to do, and you’ll be able to both feel and see the change in your body. Strength isn’t everything of course, combining strength training with flexibility training like Yoga will ensure your muscle are long and lithe, giving you all the strength you require without cutting down on your mobility (see #3). Like flexibility, strength is developed over time so – so do it daily.

daily exercise to tone

9.  Toning and Body Shaping

While we should all be comfortable in the bodies we have, we should also recognize that this powerful machine needs maintenance just like your home or car. Regular maintenance is key to preventing problems which can build up overtime, and by regular maintenance we mean daily exercise should be a priority. Through regular exercise we can keep our bodies in the best shape they can be, no matter what that natural body shape is for you – we are all different, and while we aren’t all designed to be “cut”, we are all designed to be strong & healthy inside & out. Toning and body shaping, like building muscles, is not something that happens over night, and the results will vary for each person. We come in all shapes and sizes, so the point isn’t to look like everyone else, but to bring yourself in to an optimum state of health and wellbeing. It takes time and it takes effort. A daily exercise regime is the best method. It doesn’t have to take long hours, nor do you have to work to the point of fatigue. Instead, small efforts done daily can build up to spectacular results. Make it a habit and you’ll be enjoying your best body much quicker than you may expect.

daily exercise to burn fat

10. Sustainable Fat Burning

Muscle movement requires energy. Energy in the form of food. While maintaining a healthy diet can be a key to weight loss and fat burning, so can building muscle which will help burn away fat deposits. Further, muscles require the right fuel, thus daily exercise is far more important than just cutting calories in your diet. A combination of a healthy, balanced diet and daily exercise will offer the best results. Remember when adopting changes to your diet, much like making daily exercise a priority, it is a discipline that you’ll need to work at. We know there are many stages to eating healthier. Try to avoid setting end-dates to your diet – you are making sustainable changes for your whole life, not just until bathing suit season. Adopt both exercise and proper diets with the knowledge that you’ll stick to it as you move into the future. While you may adjust both as you age realize that neither will be neglected again and that you are creating not just a short-term goal but a lifestyle choice. For more on healthy eating for exercise review this article by the NHS or consult your doctor.

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Daily exercise should be a priority for everyone. If you need more motivation – check out our article on the Ten Steps to Achieving Your Goal. Share this article with your friends to help you reinforce your commitment and perhaps spur your support network into joining you in this lifestyle discipline so you (and they) can get the best out of your body for all your days to come.





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