Djerba, Tunisia: Welcome to the Souk

Welcome to Djerba. This tiny island off Tunisia’s east coast is surrounded by jewel-coloured seas, and is thought to be the location of the mythic isle of the Lotus-Eaters.

Houmt El Souk, literally means ‘the market neighbourhood’. It’s the largest settlement on Tunisia’s island of Djerba (or as the Roman’s named it, ‘Gerba’).  Djerba’s markets, from fish auctions to locally crafted jewelry, still draw shoppers from elsewhere on the island as well as waves of day tripping tourists.

To get the best from Houmt El Souk during peak tourist times walk a few blocks away from the groomed market streets into the neighbourhoods beyond, or head to the water’s edge by Borj el K’bir Fort and the always interesting fishing docks.  Return to have dinner where the locals do, for a quarter of the price and every bite as good.


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