Early Bird vs Night Owl

We pit 2 stereotypes of specialized knowledge against each other in the ultimate battle – EARLY BIRD VS NIGHT OWL!

Who knows the best place for quick bite to eat, the best transit routes, the best place for a thinky walk? In this entirely hyperbolic tongue-in-cheek debate, we search for answers…

1. Music

Music Singer

The early risers have the advantage of often being radio-listeners, hoping to catch traffic or weather reports on their way to wherever they’re going at such an ungodly hour, therefore they are exposed to a lot of Top 40 and popular music trends. Night Owls, on the other hand, are often exposed to far more live, indie, up-and-coming artists and musicians at wherever they go at such an ungodly hour, finding themselves on the cutting edge of music before the radio even discovers it.


2. Clothing

Clothes Casual

Yes, you can find much more fabulous & dramatic style in the evening wear section. However, the Early Birds have the advantage of variety. From workout gear to business casual, all the way to cute sun dresses and your most comfortable cargos, daytime clothing is generally more versatile and more comfortable. The clincher here? Sunglasses. You can wear them during the day and not look hungover, and sunglasses instantly make everyone look 10% more chill.


3. Culture

Club Concert

Have you ever seen any articles about your city’s “daylife”? Probably not. So much of the morning and afternoon is dedicated to or structured around the work day, so talking about a packed afternoon schedule usually doesn’t elicit much of a reaction in friends or co-workers. Mention an exciting evening, however, and everyone around you will want to know what sort of trouble you’re getting in to. Night time is when gamers converge, groups gather, drinks are poured, and the music gets loud. Sorry, daytime. You can keep your bootcamps and power lunches.


4. Food


We admit that Night Owls have access to some of the coolest food, but probably not the most healthy. Everyone can appreciate that totally authentic 24 hour Pho place, or the all-night taco truck that has the best carnitas ever, but *man cannot live on tacos alone. Early Birds have better access to better food, and we all know that breakfast is the best meal of the day. Breakfast for Breakfast. Breakfast for Lunch. Breakfast for Dinner.

(* we are willing to test this theory for science)


5. Technology

Technology Phone

This one is tough. Both subcultures use the same devices, but in different circumstances, and for different reasons. Early Birds are the targets for the ever-popular productivity apps, while Night Owls rule the world of online gaming. Early Birds use their tablets, phones, and computers all day in order to either work or distract themselves from work. Night Owls tend to meet, connect, and document their activities with running commentary on social media. What finally broke the tie for us on this one was the use of cameras. Early Birds are not as likely to take selfies at the crack of dawn, whereas the midnight flood of kissy-duck-faces on Instagram and Snapchat pretty much signal the opening of clubs citywide. Which do you have more pictures of – sunsets, or sunrises?


And the winner is…



Congratulations Night Owls of The World!  We look forward to the further development of your clearly superior subculture! However, don’t toss out your alarm clock just yet – the Early Birds may have come up short this time, but soon those half-drunk 3am selfies from the club will become your downfall, Night Owls. Keep it classy.

Did we get it right or wrong? Are you Team Early Bird or Team Night Owl? Cast your vote in the Comments below!



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