A Moment in Havana – Cuban Street Life

Take a moment and enjoy the sites and sounds of Havana street life. From the old cars touring the Cuban capital, to the side streets and overlooks, this short travel video from TenMoreSteps is a glimpse into street life in Cuba.

Travel to Havana, Cuba with TenMoreSteps

Cigar and diesel exhaust greet your senses as you arrive in Havana, but so does the ocean air and the sound of salsa music. The Cuban people are both friendly and hospitable, despite the fact that many businesses are state run, and much of Cuba’s day-to-day life is regulated and controlled.

Things are changing in Cuba, albeit slowly. With each day both the people and the government get ever closer to embracing the world stage (while the above video was being captured US President Barack Obama was making his historical first visit). Though the country is no longer under Fidel Castro’s direct control, he continues to influence the island and the many Cubans still hold him, and the traditions of the Cuban Revolution, in high regard.

The country is advancing steadily. Construction cranes dot the skyline, and during our time in Havana many of the main boulevards were undergoing upgrades. Privately owned businesses, particularly in the tourism sector, have begun to emerge – another indication that things are changing for Cuba.

While pre-packaged tourism is still the mainstay of the Cuban tourism industry, it is becoming easier than ever to backpack or self-guide your travel across the island. Many services are available to guide outsiders to sights and attractions far removed from the all-inclusive resorts which pepper the north coast’s picturesque shorelines and waterfronts.

Cuba’s economy has made great strides to keep up with all of these changes. Cuba has begun a steady switch over to a single currency, from current two unit currency (peso for residents and CUC for tourist) to just the CUC for all transactions in the country. How this is effecting the average Cuban is unclear, but the CUC is being used by locals with many no longer using pesos.

Our moment is a glimpse of the Cuban capital, Havana, and the day-to-day street life of its residents.

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