Hipster vs. Geek

We pit 2 stereotypes of specialized knowledge against each other in the ultimate battle – HIPSTER VS GEEK!

Whose knowledge is more obscure, more obnoxious, and more unnecessary? In this entirely hyperbolic tongue-in-cheek debate, we find the answer…

1. Music


You might automatically think that hipsters win this category, but soundtrack geeks are a thing, and the reach of musical geekdom extends to theatre, movies, and yes, bands. While hipsters may be able to list every band you’ve never heard of, geeks can counter by singing Klingon funeral dirges and the entire musical Buffy episode to completely drop the mic on this debate. Have you even heard of Nerdcore? Wait – did that make me sound like a hipster?

Point: GEEK!

2. Clothing


Hipsters have turned otherwise “geeky” clothing into some pretty sweet style. Though we need to credit Geeks (and their cousins, Nerds) with wearing oversized glasses, argyle socks, faded 80’s camp tees, and polyester fly collars first, hipsters have taken “geek chic” into the 21st century.


3. Culture


The wild hipster congregates at dive bars, cafes, community gardens, art galleries, and live shows. Geeks gather at conventions, gaming shop back rooms, and online. Hipster culture can be hard to break in to – they pride themselves on exclusive knowledge and aloofness, while geek culture is only getting stronger because, let’s face it, they only have each other. With the fall of Burning Man and the rise of Comic-Cons, the geek truly has inherited the earth.

Point: GEEK!

4. Food


Hispters have this on lock. Artisanal ice cream? Micro-micro-brews served in antique bottles? Basically any item using heirloom anything? BRUNCH? Conversely, the highlights of geek cuisine include the ever expanding Doritos flavour line, and the annual return of the Shamrock Shake.

Point:  HIPSTER!

5. Technology

Tech Phone

Geeks have embraced the internet in a way that has changed pop culture forever. Hipsters are helping to revive the “old ways” of living. Geeks are happily looking forward to Apple watches and self-driving cars, while hipsters are hopping on their fixed-gear bikes and churning butter on their urban goat farms. While the hipsters are plucking their banjos and drinking their home brew – and yes, posting about it on Instagram – geeks will be preparing to leave for Mars… and also posting it on Instagram.

Point: GEEK!
And the winner is…


Congratulations Geeks of The World!  We look forward to the further development of your clearly superior subculture! However, don’t toss out your skinny jeans and shave off your beard just yet. We are just one solar flare away from living in a hipster-dominated world, people.

Did we get it right or wrong? Are you Team Hipster or Team Geek? Cast your vote in the Comments below!



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