Behind the Pink Walls of Jaipur, India

More vibrant than its nickname, “The Pink City”, Jaipur, India’s old walled city has an energy which entices you to go a little further and look around the next corner where you might find another colorful marketplace or friendly neighbourhood. Visitors marvel at Jaipur’s architecture, history and culture; so don’t be in a hurry. (So much to see, we’ll look beyond the walls in another travel video)

Enjoy a brief glimpse of this wondrous and bustling city in this travel video of Jaipur, India captured on out latest trip to the region.

Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan, a state in the north-west of India, bordering Pakistan. Jaipur gets it’s nickname ‘the Pink City’ due to a royal visit by Queen Victoria in 1876. To prepare for the royal arrival the city was painted pink, the traditional colour of hospitality. To this day, the city welcomes visitors openly and the hospitality services remain a mainstay of the local economy. Accommodation ranging from backpacker hostels, to private B&B or upscale hotels can be found. Even the local eating scene has several upscale location which cater to tourist, though you can also find delicious local-catering cuisine.

While Jaipur, India remains a gateway city to Rajasthan it well worth a visit in itself. Remember to bring your camera, the sights and sounds of this vibrant local will inspire your to record your own travel video.

Our Travel Video of Jaipur, India by Travel Tales
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Music by Kevin MacLeod, ‘Jalandhar’ used under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0


Are you from Jaipur, India? Have been there and created your own travel video?  What would you recommend other TMS readers see and do in the Pink City? Let us know in the comments below. For more videos like this, visit our youtube channel and subscribe.



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