La Paz, Bolivia: City In The Sky

La Paz is a city in the sky.

At first you can feel a little off-kilter in La Paz, the world’s highest altitude capital at 4100 metres (13,500 feet), but you soon become acclimatized to the thinner air and turn your attention towards its fascinating culture and great people. One real joy of travel is to be among people doing what they do on a daily basis; and La Paz is a unique place to do just that.

La Paz

La Paz sits within a huge bowl, surrounded by the El Alto flats, which can make your journey in to the city quite surreal. The buildings of the city climb up the steep sides of the crater, while it’s winding streets teem with life and activity. La Paz is a hub of commerce, colour, and communication, as exemplified by the spiderweb network of telephone and power lines that criss cross overhead as you walk through the streets and alley of this bustling city.



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