Memories of Old Town Damascus, Syria

Memories held by our TMS staff of Damascus are all happy ones. “Old Town Damascus was our favorite place in the Middle East – its history, its mixture of architecture and faiths, its food (particularly pistachio dipped ice cream!) but most of all its people … friendly and welcoming. Hopefully they feel as welcome in other parts of the world as we did in theirs.”

Old Town Damascus, Syria

Previously, TenMoreSteps posted video of the Ancient Ruins of Palmyra, devastated by the violent conflict in the region. Much like that video, these pictures of Old Town Damascus were taken prior to current conflict and show a Syria welcoming and open to foreign travellers and a people perched on the brink of economic prosperity. Sadly, this is no longer the case, and as of this posting Syria remains gripped in a civil war threatening to destroy the future of the nation and its children.

TenMoreSteps and Travel Tales have visited many places, found ourselves welcomed by the hospitality of new friends on many occasions and have come to understand that we all have far more in common with one another than we have differences. When we view our Moments from around the globe we are not only filled with the wonders of these unique sights and sounds, but the realization that we are in a position to give others a glimpse of daily life from around the globe.

As Travellin’ Ted says, ‘Travel, its worth going for.’

SYRIA Aleppo teen girls FEATURE

You can see more moments like these on our TenMoreSteps Youtube Channel or check-out what Ted has been up to on the Ted’s TravelTales website.

Are you from Syria?  WELCOME!  We would really like to hear from you and encourage you to share a comment (or email).



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