10 Reasons to Spend Summer in BC

West Coast = Best Coast. British Columbia is a well known world destination in the winter but did you also know that BC draws tourist from around the world to its summer activities and adventures?

Here are ten reasons to spend summer in BC.

1. Okanagan Fruit Stands


If you’re in central British Columbia in the summertime, you are going to run across a fruit stand of some description, and it’s worth your while to stop and shop. The Okanagan in particular is known for luscious apples, peaches, plums, cherries, blueberries, raspberries, and basically every delicious thing you could want to sink your teeth in to on a warm summer day. If you’re camping, pick up some corn & potatoes too!

2. Wildlife Everywhere


This goes without saying in BC. It’s a wild place, and it won’t be hard for you to spot bears, moose, cougars, eagles, whales and more. Be cautious if you decide to pull over to take photos of wildlife in BC – stay in your car, and keep a respectable distance back so as not to frighten the animal – you’re in his house.

3. Glacial Lakes

Lake BC

British Columbia is home to hundreds of glacial lakes just like this one. I think we’ve made our point.

4. 25,725 Kilometres of Coastline

BC Coast

If you want to explore the Pacific Northwest Coast, BC is the place to do it. The Gulf Islands and the Sunshine Coast are close enough to Vancouver and BC’s capital city Victoria for you to island hop on a day trip if you want to. BC has some amazing beaches, and island life is it’s own kind of magic. It’s also a top destination for surfers, who flock to Tofino for its Pacific Ocean curls.

5. Outdoor Festivals

Outdoor festivals are popular in the summer

British Columbia is host to many outdoor festivals in the summer months ranging from music festivals, to the Scottish Highland Games, and even International Airshow. So whether you’re a fan of Jazz, Country, Ska, or New Age, or prefer a more agricultural event like the Abbotsford Berry Festival or the Pacific National Exhibition, British Columbia has an outdoor event for you. Did we mention the Renaissance Festival yet? Yep, that too.

6. BC’s Ancient Rainforests and Protected Lands

BC Forests Tree


7. The Mountains

BC Mountain

The Rockies are just part of a series of mountain ranges that can be explored while driving through British Columbia. They are awe-inspiring, supernaturally beautiful, and their size is truly humbling. Just remember, Americans driving up from Washington – you can’t go skiing at Whistler in July. Canada isn’t always a winter wonderland, y’know. Sometime it’s a summer wonderland.

8. Outdoor Adventure Tourism

river rafting and adventure sports in BC

While many people associate BC sports with winter activities, the province is also home to some world-class outdoor adventure sports in the summer. From top-notch hiking and biking trails, to river rafting, sailing, and surfing, BC can provide you an adventure against a pure, rugged and wild backdrop that you’ll never forget. Even in Whistler, a destination primarily catering to ski and snowboard enthusiast in the winter, is home to many outdoor adventure sports like zip-lining and rock climbing. Or, if you prefer, you can head to the coast for whale watching, bird watching, or boating. The choice is yours when you spend summer in BC.

9. The Night Markets

night markets are a part of summer in bc

We’ve already mentioned the outdoor festivals and the Okanagan Fruit Stands. BC is also home to many night markets in the summer months. The most popular night markets are in and around Vancouver. The Richmond Night Markets and Vancouver Night Market. Serving visitors are a host of delicious food vendors and product stalls offering items ranging from socks and shirts, to electronics, fashion accessories, and household nick-nacks, the Summer Markets are worth a visit (and a list) all to themselves. It a very good reason to spend summer in BC.

10. The People


Saving the best for last. BC’s land may be wild and rugged, and you will definitely find some tough-as-nails British Columbians on your travels. Generally though, BC is known for it’s laid back, friendly people. The West is the best, and folks from BC love this part of the country and all it has to offer. If you have a chance to stop and visit with the locals while you travel through BC, you’ll find a few new friends to share your Okanagan fruit with. Making a new friend is always worth it, whether in BC or elsewhere.

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