7 Methods to Relieve Urban Stress

Urban Stress can change living in a metropolis from pleasurable to intolerable. It a well document fact that city living produces more stress than rural life, but for many of us, the stress of living in a bustling city is outweighed by the excitement of the vibrant culture found within the dense networks of roads and avenues.

Here are a few ways you can relieve your urban stress, so you can enjoy all our cities have to offer.


1. Create some personal space away from technology.

Dense, urban living can make us feel like we’re constantly crowded, on display, and caught in the often hectic life. Creating a personal oasis away from a metropolis environments, no matter how small, can give our mind and body a break. Just remember to switch off the technology. The same devices that allow us to stay connected keep us connected and it’s often wise to take a break away from these anchors to sit untethered, in a quiet, simple space, to enjoy the stillness. Switching off all your devices for just 20 minutes a day will not only help you relieve urban stress it will also have a positive effect on global energy consumption. 

Daily Commuter

2. Try Public Transit

It may seem counter-intuitive to give up the privacy of your own personal coach and switch to using public transportation but when you consider how much frustration can be found behind the wheel during rush hour, wouldn’t you rather be reading, watching TMS on YouTube, enjoying social media, or your favorie blogs instead? Putting the responsibility of driving into somebody else’s hands freeze up your own. Besides think of all the savings to your pocketbook (likely) and your personal carbon footprint (certainly). Give it a chance. An audiobook and a warm cup of tea over the jockeying and pressure of the road? We’ve made our choice!



3. Stop Commuting Home, Start Travelling

Why make the return home just another part of your work day? Part of urban stress is that feeling of being trapped, trapped in routine, trapped in traffic, and always in a rush. One simple solution could be as simple as varying your route home. By exploring new backstreets, new avenues, and new neighborhoods you’ll not only itch that sense of adventure, you may discover your new favourite spot, your new favourite food, or perhaps just a new friend. All the while breaking from the routine, a possible catalyst for your urban stress. Even a change of a block or two can provide a refreshing break to the usual commute, turning your return home into an opportunity for adventure.

4. Stay active. Exercise.

Inactivity and poor health are perhaps the greatest cause of physical and mental stress in the human body. Maintaining a healthy diet and an active lifestyle is essential for your overall happiness. You don’t have to be a ‘ gym person’ to stay fit and healthy, nor do you need expensive equipment or a fancy kit. Indoors or outdoors, the choice is yours. We, at TenMoreSteps, prefer yoga, dance, rowing, and paddelling but there are numerous, numerous ways to achieve your fitness.

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Living Roof

5. Find the Jungle Within the Concrete

Even the most dense urban areas often have some sort of green space, even if it’s a small park hidden between two buildings or at the end of an alleyway. These small foot prints of nature can be valuable touchstones. The rustling of the trees can help lower the din of urban chaos and the feel and smell of real earth is grounding. Close your eyes and bathe in the Sun and if you’re lucky enough that your neighborhood sports a communal garden, take advantage. Growing and cultivating plants will help you cultivate your own focus and can be a very rewarding, stress-free hobby. 

6. Make Friends, Reach Out.

If you’re new to a city, and on your own, the sheer density of the unknown population can make you feel very lonely. If you’re also struggling to create a career, finding like-minded individuals can help you put perspective on your new surroundings. Having a few friends to help acclimate you to your new area code is a great stress reliever. Friends and close colleagues can make an impersonal city feel like home. Introducing yourself to your neighbours can spark a sense of community. These are often overlooked factors in urban stress, yet perhaps the most important. Life is simply better with good friends.


7. If You Can’t Beat’em, Join’em.

Opposite to the first item on our list, immersing oneself in an urban environment can also provide a great amount of stress relief. People watching at a local cafe can provide valuable sense of insight into the workings of your own neighborhood and the people you’re brushing shoulders with on a day-to-day basis. Shifting your perception from a city you ‘live in’ the city you ‘live with’ is also a doorway to compassion. Suddenly strangers become less strange and crowds feel less isolating and more inclusive, creating a positive spin to your previous urban stressors.

Do you have your own ways of relieving Urban Stress? Let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to check out our Urban Stress Release Yoga Flow on YouTube! Like art, share art. Interact and subscribe.



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