Celebrate Royal Thai Armed Forces Day

Today is January 18th, 2017. On any given day of the year, someone in this big world of ours is happy to be celebrating something. It stands to reason that every day can be a celebration – if you know where the party is. Today TMS celebrates Royal Thai Armed Forces Day!

Royal Thai Armed Forces Day!

royal thai armed forces


Today the Thai people celebrate Royal Armed Forces Day, and the men who serve the country with bravery, dignity, and honour. January 18th is chosen as the day for tho annual celebration as it is also the anniversary of King Naresuan victory in a duel against his rival, Burmese Crown Prince Mingyi Swa.

Military service in Thailand is mandatory, though not everyone is chosen. Instead, those that do not volunteer prior to the age of 21 are placed into a random draft which may compel them to serve between 18 and 24 months, based on level of education.

The Royal Thai Armed Forces are responsible to the people of Thailand and serve as their protectors in time of conflict and trouble, both domestic and foreign. The Royal Thai Armed Forces are supported by Royal Thai Air Force, and the Royal Thai Armed Navy in this service.

Happy Royal Thai Armed Forces Day Day.

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Today’s Fauxdiac (FOH-dee-ac): Your fake horoscope.

Fauxdiac rhymes with ‘Zodiac’. It is a facetious fortune, a dubious divination, an improbable prophecy. It makes as much or as little sense as you need it to, as any good horoscope does.

Here’s what the universe wants you to know today:

Today’s Fauxdiac – January 18th, 2017

celebrate the armed forces

Zodiac Sign:


Lucky Number:

101st and 108th

Lucky Animal:


Lucky Colour:

Green on Green

Lucky Song:

“I Wish I was Back in the Army” – from White Christmas

Lucky Food:

Meals Ready-to-Eat

Daily Wisdom:

He who is Brave is Free.

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