10 Steps to Making Summer Days Memorable

Summer is here and TenMoreSteps has 10 Steps to Making Summer Days Memorable. DISCLAIMER: There’s a lot of ways to enjoy your summer holidays (here are 10 things to do in British Columbia this summer) and our list just covers a few but we are sure these options will inspire you to get out there and make the most of the clear wether and warm nights. Check your local listings for specifics venues details and remember to share your suggestion for summer activities in the comments below.

Here are 10 Steps to Making Summer Days Memorable

1. Outdoor Festivals

Festival Lantern

There’s always someone celebrating something somewhere, and if you have an opportunity to attend any outdoor festivals in summer, do it. There are kids festivals, musical events, outdoor theatre productions, food festivals, and any number of celebrations or public gatherings that go on when the weather is nice. Look online at your local community listings to find out what’s happening and where.

2. Picnics


Any size, any reason, all day every day. Eating outdoors makes food taste better. Don’t go far – your backyard will do just fine, and you won’t have to worry about transporting food or keeping it the right temperature.

3. Night Markets


If you live in an area that has one (or more), check out your local night market. You’ll find a massive variety of food, gadgets, knick knacks and artisans that will keep you busy for hours. It’s always lively, and always fun.

4. Neighbourhood Movie/Game Nights

Movie Popcorn

If you and your neighbours are friendly or if your kids are hanging out this summer, arrange neighbourhood movie nights with everyone contributing snacks. Larger TVs could even be moved outside or to a window so that the guests can sit out in the warm summer night air to watch movies, or set up a few blankets in the back yard and set up a few board games. If the idea takes off, parents can take turns hosting every other week. It’s a nice way to connect your community.

5. Patios & Restaurants


Find a great place to people watch and have a slow & relaxed meal. You’re still eating outside and following the path of the picnic, but without the extra work. Taking your time sipping a cool beer or enjoying a share plate with someone you love on a breezy patio is a great casual date night, and if you manage to find a place with a beautiful view, you may never want to leave.

6. Gardens & Parks


Gardens are good for a beautiful daytime stroll while everything is blooming and blossoming. They can also be a great place to take the kids – they might learn a thing or two about taking care of plants. Park days are a must, whether just sitting outside and enjoying the fresh air, using the time to get some exercise, or just having a lazy snooze in the shade. If you live in a city, an apartment, or otherwise just don’t get your feet in the grass very often, get thee to a park!

7. Carnivals


There’s always one somewhere. They are of varying quality and size, but a night at a summer carnival or amusement park is a must. There’s no question that a carnival is a great place to take the family, although sometimes that can be expensive. Carnivals also make a great date night – play the cheesy fixed games, take one or two rides, and definitely enjoy some mini donuts.

8. Barbecues/Potlucks

Barbecue Outdoor

Another great way to connect with the neighbourhood, or just invite close friends over for a casual back yard or balcony fiesta. The best thing about summer gatherings with friends and family is that the pressure of “the Holidays” isn’t there. Take advantage of it!

9. The Waterworks

Water Dog

Most creatures move towards water on hot summer days. You’re no doubt already planning to go to the beach, community pool, river,  lake, pond, waterpark, or just dunking your feet in the kiddie pool. Just pay attention to water conservation bylaws in your area if you plan on running your sprinkler or filling your pool. Look for natural bodies of water where you can spend some time if possible. Stay hydrated too – spending time in the sun, even while in the water, causes dehydration quickly.


10. Farmer’s Markets


Summer is the time for farmer’s markets. It’s a great time to buy inexpensive, locally grown produce while simultaneously supporting independent farmers, growers, and co-ops around your area. Its also a great way to get a taste of summer in your region. In some cases farmers will even allow you to pick your fruit and veg directly from the vine or patch, a great summertime activity all in itself. We at TenMoreSteps encourage everyone to support their local producers.

What’s your favourite way to spend summer days? What are you going to do this summer? Let us know in the comments below.



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