Ten Steps to Reach Your Goal

‘Just ten more steps to the peak’ 

Goals are hard to achieve, which makes reaching them all the more worthwhile. Ten More Steps has ten steps to reach your goal, no matter how big. Just like climbing, each step is critical in reaching the peak. By focusing on just ten steps at a time, you can climb the tallest mountain and reach your highest goal.

Here are Ten Steps to Reach Your Goal

1. Make it Matter

The first step to reaching any goal is to make it matter to you. Your goals should be important to you, important enough to drive you forward. Often times we can set goals that hold little personal significance, perhaps through a sense of obligation or a simple lack of focus. Half-hearted attempts are unlikely to succeed so it’s important that your goals inspire you to succeed. Make it matter and you will find the time and energy you need to take the ten more steps necessary to reach your personal summit.

just ten steps to reach your goal

2. Plan Your Route

It’s important that when we set out to achieve a goal we plot an efficient and clear route to success. Most complex tasks can be broken down into smaller, more manageable chunks, and in doing so the route, and the resources necessary to reach your destination become clear. This insures you can focus on just the next step of the journey comfortably  knowing you’re drawing closer and closer to your goal, no energy wasted.

3. Endure

Goals are tough to reach. They often require a great amount of emotional, mental, and physical strength and energy to be achieved. Remember that you will fatigue on your journey, its only natural – but you will endure. The path to the summit may be longer or tougher than you’d original thought. Don’t let this overcome you. To endure, just focus on the next ten steps to reach your goal, the next  few steps on your route. If you let yourself be distracted by challenges in the distance you’ll waste valuable energy better spent on overcoming the challenges of the moment. Use your energy on just accomplishing the next step and conserve the rest. Repeat this as long as necessary. Eventually one of these steps will be across the threshold and you’ll reach your goal.

4. Make Yourself Accountable

When you reach your goal (and we know you will) then you can celebrate your well-earned achievements knowing that you planned your route and made the climb. Conversely, if you failed to reach your goal then you should know you’re equally accountable. No one is responsible for carrying you up your mountain, that task falls to you. If you’ve come this far then you have already set your ten steps to reach your goal and planned your route. If you can’t do it, be honest with yourself and reevaluate your goal. If you can do it, then do it and get it done. The rewards will yours.

inspiration to reach your goal

5. Reflect and Reward Yourself Along the Way

Remember to take the occasional moment and check in with your progress from time to time. Its a rewarding part of the journey to reflect on the distance travelled. Its also important to reward yourself occasionally for the work done thus far. These small rewards can help break up a task and make the journey just as pleasant as the destination. If your journey is long remember – just ten more steps until your next reward, just ten more steps and you’ll reach your goal.

6. Take a Moment to Indulge in Inspiration

Remember what inspired you to reach your goal in the first place? It’s good to check in with that from time to time. Journeys can be long and tiring but inspiration can be a reservoir of endurance. So take time to indulge yourself in the inspiration that germinated your goal. Remember why its worth your time and effort, and know that eventually your inspiration will become a reality.

7. Share Your Goal (Sometimes)

Its always good to share. Sharing a goal with another can help you both stay motivated and accountable, and the companionship made in the journey can provide even greater inspiration. Sometimes (particularly in the early stages) sharing your goals with other may have undesirable consequences. Some people, even people close to you, often those who have failed at the task you have boldly set out for yourself, can become nay-sayers and their negativity can drain your motivation to reach your goal. Don’t let these individuals become gate-keepers to your dreams. If your goal really matters to you then its worth striving for.

reach your goals and enjoy the rewards

8. Find a Rhythm, Build a Habit

Goals which break our usual rhythms or habits, for instance a change of diet, can be more difficult to achieve because the steps to reach your goal are not just passed over but rather ‘taken on’, an overall change in lifestyle. Know before you set-out on the journey that you knew this was going to be part of the climb. Getting into a rythme, like a goal, can be more easily achieved if you break it down into several smaller beats. For diets, start by limiting portions, then shifting away from sugar and/or towards more hydration or more frequent exercising. Starting all these diet goals at once can be too jarring and lead to a quick rebound. Introducing the lifestyle changes gradually can yield far more sustainable returns.

9. Try to Exceed Your Expectations

The ‘cherry-on-top’ of reaching your goal is knowing that you did it the best way you could. If the journey is long, each step should energize you, not sap your moral or tarnish the end product. Giving your goal all the energy you can will ensure the victory is the sweetest it can be, and should you fail – then you know you did your best. Set your standards of success beyond ‘just making it’ to a worthwhile victory party. Reach your goal in style.

10. Be Adaptable, Keep Climbing

Even the best path is going to have more than a few unseen obstacles. It is important you meet these obstacles and overcome them. Be adaptive and take these areas of tough footing in turn. It’s all part of the journey, the summit remains unchanged. Keep climbing, adjust your footing when necessary, and keep focusing on the next ten steps to reach your goal.

Your goal may just be ten more steps away. You’ve come this far, stay on the trail and you’ll reach your goal.

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