The 10 Best Things About Coming Home

Sometimes it’s hard coming home from traveling. But when you finally get back, there are some pretty sweet moments that we can all appreciate.

1. Your Own Bathroom


Just… so many reasons. Anyone who spends time on the road knows that a clean, functional, private bathroom is a luxury. When you get home, you can even stop carrying around a wad of toilet paper in your pocket just in case nature calls. It’s heaven. The bathroom is probably the best thing about coming home.

2. The First Shower


Airplane travel is rough enough, but if you’ve just come home from a long haul backpacking trip or even just felt like you have been in a perpetual state of motion while making all your planes, trains, & automobiles to finally get home, the first shower you take will be the best feeling ever. Combine it with clean sheets on your very own bed, and you’ve got yourself a great night’s sleep.

3. Your Pets


Let’s be honest. Your furry friends are sometimes the only (but best) reason to be coming home at all. If you’ve got a dog, be prepared for so much love. If you have a cat, be prepared to grovel & beg for forgiveness for leaving in the first place.

4. Sleeping In Your Own Bed


This is just a given. Unless you have a terribly uncomfortable bed. You have that perfect spot on your mattress, your favourite blanket, and you can get from your bed to the bathroom and back again with your eyes closed – literally.

5. Eating


Travel experiences have the ability to change our perspective. The availability of food, water, education, shelter, and basic human rights isn’t a reality for many people on this earth. When you travel, getting yourself fed can be tough just because of your schedule or circumstances. So if you get to go home to 24 hour groceries, a pantry full of easily available nutrition, or snacks-on-call from anywhere in your town, remember not to take it for granted.

6. Laundry On Demand

Laundry 2

Nothing beats not having to carry a bag of dirty underwear around with you.

7. Familiar Sounds


The light sleepers will appreciate this one. Familiar sounds in our home fade in to the background, because our brain knows from experience that these sounds are nothing to have to worry about or monitor. As such, your neighbourhood bus or the familiar drone of your refrigerator wouldn’t bother you or wake you up. When traveling, hotels & hostels in almost any type of location have the ability to be so new & stimulating that we don’t rest as well as we should.

8. Your Friends & Family


Equally as important and missed as your furry friends mentioned above, but of course you’ve been emailing updates & pictures to everyone back home while you’ve been gone, right? Right??

9. A New Perspective On Where You Live


Besides the availability of amenities that you may have taken for granted before becoming a world traveling adventurer, you might come home to a greater appreciation of things that make your part of the world unique – the landscape, the people, the culture. Some folks come home and decide that the road is a better place for them. Like we said, travel changes your perspective one way or another. It’s a big world.

10.  Planning Your Next Trip


May the wind be at your back and the sun upon your face…

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What do you look forward to the most when coming home from travel? Share in the Comments below!



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