6 Ways To Simplify Your Space

Get your Zen on.

1. Furniture with Storage


This one is a no-brainer, but for some reason we still don’t take advantage of all our storage opportunities. Look for hollow ottomans with removable lids, Murphy beds or beds with drawers underneath, and nicely covered boxes to hide your clutter in plain sight.

2.  Vertical Gardens

Garden Wall

Perfect for apartment dwellers and folks without a lot of space to grown herbs & other small edibles. Make your vertical garden out of old pallets, or even a hanging shoe organizer. Food is getting more expensive, and you can avoid the chaos of the store as well as the high prices by learning to grow your own! Gardening has also been said to reduce stress, and small rooms feel more peaceful with plant life.

3. Use What You Have


Wash out your old sauce jars and use them to store dry goods, or art supplies for the kids. Old baking pans or coffee tins  can be used to organize buttons  or hardware. Use your yogurt containers to store leftovers or lunch instead of buying tupperware. Turn old sweaters into comfy pillow cases. Reduce, re-use, recycle.

4. Give Away What You Don’t Use


Say goodbye to your clutter & forgotten knick knacks. “Stuff” is expensive to store, and a source of stress for many households. The rule is: if you haven’t used it or thought about it in over a year, someone else should be able to use it. Don’t hoard your un-used gear! Give it away to friends, donate it to a local organization that will put it in the hands of someone who needs it, or have a garage sale. The time has come to have less “stuff“.

5. Use Screens To Transform A Room


You can hide clutter, boxes, and all kinds of items that might be making your space feel stuffy by using a folding screen. You can also divide a larger space into something different – a reading nook, dining area, etc. All natural wood frames like cedar create a nice scent and look nice and simple, but you can also get more ornate painted screens that add a lot of character to your room.

6. Turn Off The Screens At 8pm


Give your living space – and your brain – a few hours before bed without the constant flashing, twinkling, tweeting, twitch-inducing world of tv & the internet. Give yourself a “screens off” hour on weeknights, and instead try playing some music, reading a book, cooking, playing a game, or going for a walk. You’ll sleep better, and your home will feel cozier without all the traffic.

Is your space in need of simplicity? Have any organizational hacks to share with us? Leave a Comment below!



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